OP-ED: Remembering Katrina

By Scott Cowen

Even though it is the ninth anniversary and not the all-important tenth, I want to acknowledge the date of Katrina’s landfall.  As time passes, August 29th, 2005 becomes ever more significant as the inauguration of a stunning transformation.

New Orleans and Tulane have come a long way since the terrible images on the nightly news, and a long way from the time when we wondered if our city and its institutions could survive the devastation of the failed levees.  Now is the time to count up our successes, including a renewed Tulane, a strengthened flood protection system, an expanding business sector, rebuilt neighborhoods and vastly improved schools.  Now is also the time to commemorate our losses, not only those who died but the 90,000 who remain in exile all these years later.

This is also the time to dedicate ourselves to sustained progress and the betterment of the lives of the children growing up in the heart of New Orleans.  They are the ones who will carry the city’s story forward; their lives will mark the distance between “then” and “now” while also determining the long-term future of New Orleans.